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Holy Child Jesus Doctor of the Sick is a sculpture of the Child Jesus who was in a side chapel of the Church of San Francisco in Tepeaca , Puebla . That image was brought by nuns of the order of the Josephine, which highlights the Reverend Mother Maria del Carmen Barrios Báez . Which, the image is about 12 cm high, and every Sunday He is offered to it countless flower arrangements and toys.

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This image, which since 1942 was in a hospital, tells the story that the nuns saw a day that the image had their dirty shoes mysteriously; as it was rainy season, they were filled with mud, however, religious, believed that it was only a joke or just someone had dirtied his shoes, then that figure was carried Tehuacan a municipality also of Puebla, near Tepeaca , this figure only remained there for a short time as strangely appeared in the Parish of St. Francis of Assisi also with their dirty shoes, from this event some people who had previously been ill report that during his sleep saw the image of the Child Jesus visited them and had subsequently healed their diseases.
Later the sculpture of the Holy Child Doctor stayed at the house of Miss Trinidad Flores, a beloved person in Tepeaca. And lately, in the 1980s, the sculpture was moved to the parish where it is currently at the request of religious before his death. People visit it to ask them to cure their illnesses suffered and thank him for the miracles performed.
On April 30, “Children ‘s Day” is her holiday, which was encouraged by Mr. Raymundo Fortiz Castillo (his remains lie in the chapel of the Holy Child Doctor of the Sick as those of the Reverend Mother Maria del Carmen Barrios Báez). This celebration is growing every year, as their popularity is growing among Catholics grateful to their miracles attend every year to visit his day. There peregrinations from various parts of Mexico to venerate, as nearby villages and No so close they leave home very early walking towards the church of Tepeaca, where the holy child is Jesus doctor sick with a gift for the little boy people of all ages, even young children, will thank you for everything, to ask health for a sick relative. Many stalls and things like keychains shirts with the image of the baby Jesus, handicrafts and traditional dances are set up celebrating the Holy Child Jesus Doctor of the sick.
As of April 30, 2011, the image of the Holy Child enthroned the Altar of the Church of Tepeaca, because [ citation needed ] the pastor Solomon Mora Gonzalez modernized the Temple because the Child Doctor granted a miracle. And so the image is exposed 365 days a year at the Altar.


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