LG206-12 12″ A Via Crucis Way of the Cross

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Size: 12 Inch

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A Via Crucis or Way of the Cross (in Latin : “Way of the Cross”) refers to the different stages or moments lived by Jesus from the time he was arrested until his crucifixion and burial. The expression is also commonly used to express all kinds of difficulties that arise in life when you want to achieve certain goals.

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Implementation and updating
The custom is to take a group tour that can take place inside the temple or the streets, stopping at each station and making a prayer in each one, a reading of some passage of the gospel and also a song. The piety left or caused to produce in the art wonderful works representing the different scenes of the Via Crucis. There Via Monumental Crucis in many places, such as the Via Crucis of Lorca , which ends in a unique place in the world, the Ortigueira , through the main streets of this coastal town, accompanying Jesus of Nazareth, Mount Calvary hill On which a series of hermitages were constructed at the beginning of the s. XVII as an alternative to the pilgrims who could not travel to the Holy Land or in Mérida . Other Via Crucis are known in Lourdes , Montserrat.


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12 Inch

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