12 Inches Orula Statue LG1266-12

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Item#: LG1266-12

Size: 12 Inch

Case: 12pcs/case

Orula (sometimes referred to as Orúnmila) is the Orisha of divination. He is the master spiritualist who sees all and knows all. Olofi gave him the gift of prophecy. Orula bore witness as Olofi created the earth and the Orishas. He bestowed upon Orula the wisdom and clarity to see the future and the ability to communicate it to those who inquire with him. These powers have the capacity to influence our destiny and shape our life’s paths. Sacred tales tell of Orula’s psychic abilities to determine the death of every man and woman on earth.


Son of Obatala and Yemu, Orula is brother to Elegua, Ogun and Chango. He and Chango work closely together, as they both have a deep insight into the future. Orula knows the ways that each of us can find success, happiness and health. He knows what the future holds for us and he can guide us on the right path if we listen to his foresight. The god of plants and remedies, this great healer watches over humans, animals and all other living things.

Orula speaks to each of us through divination with his babalawos. These babalawos are devout followers of Orula who work constantly with him and relay his wisdom to us. They interpret the messages through meditation and sacred tools such as divining chains, divining boards and kola nuts. Cascarilla is spread on the divining board and the babalawo arranges his sacred signs on the board.

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Dimensions 5.43 × 5.04 × 13.58 in



12 Inch

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