LG5239-8 8″ Virgin of Luján Our Lady of Luján

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Item#: LG5239-8

Size: 8 Inches

Case: 24pcs/case

The Virgin of Luján or Our Lady of Luján , is one of the invocations with which the figure of the Virgin Mary is venerated in Catholicism . She is considered the patron saint of Argentina

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The original image is small and simple, about 38 cm high,  made of baked clay and representative of the Immaculate Conception . The events that took place around it and that determined its permanence in the vicinity of the Luján River in the 17th century were interpreted as providential by the Catholic faithful. From the first workers’ marches to the basilica of Our Lady of Luján at the end of the 19th century, to the massive annual pilgrimages in the present, which have far exceeded a million people, 2Our Lady of Luján has become an emblematic image, which summons the greatest manifestations of faith in Argentina. Today it is considered one of the symbols of the culture of that country.

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8 Inches