LG2215-24 24 Inches Martha Dominadora Statue

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Item No.: LG2215-24

Size: 24 Inches

Case: 1pc/case

Martha the Dominator earned her name from common depictions. In many pictures, she is holding a torch, a bible, and holy water, with a dragon or snake under her feet. In terms of folklore, Martha is generally regarded as the only female slayer of dragons. Martha has gained a reputation for helping people to dominate a person or a situation. Her story originates in France, where there was, according to legend, a dangerous and deadly dragon. Martha was able to subdue the dragon by using only holy water and a cross. Once the beast was defeated, Martha tied it up using only only a girdle. It was for this feat that Martha’s ability to dominate a seemingly invincible enemy led to the legend surrounding her.

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Getting Help From Martha Dominatora
Strictly speaking, St. Martha is a patron saint of housewives, service workers, and hospitality. However, many people pray to her when they need help taking charge of a difficult situation or person.
Although any person of any faith can pray to St. Martha, she is especially prominent in the Hoodoo religion. Many swear by her ability to assist in control of challenging situations or people without causing any harm.
Some people choose to pray to Martha the Dominator in order to ask her to help intercede in a situation where a boss is especially cruel or demeaning to his or her employees. Though some people want to consult with Martha to ensure wealth, it should be noted that she does not intercede in cases where extreme wealth is sought, though she has been credited with helping people get enough to get by in temporary difficult situations.
Because Martha is a woman, many people assume that she will not work to dominate women. Although it’s been said that Martha prefers women, she allegedly does not discriminate and can wield her power over any woman, especially if this particular woman is not caring in motherhood.

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