12 Inches Obatala Statue Orisha Statue LG1356-12

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Item#: LG1356-12

Size: 12 Inches

Case: 8pcs/case

OBATALA: He is the king of the white cloth. a symbol of peace and purity. He is also the father of mankind & the messenger of Olofi.


Obatala (known as Obatalá in Latin America and Yoruba Mythology) is an Orisha. He is the Sky Father and the creator of human bodies, which were brought to life by Olodumare’s smooth breath. Obatala is the father of all Orishas and also the owner of all ori. Any Orisha may claim an individual, but until that individual is initiated into the priesthood of that Orisha, Obatala still owns that head. Obatala’s principal wife is Yemoo (known as Yemú in Cuba).

Obatala is Olodumare’s Second son. He is the one authorized by Olodumare to create land over the water beneath the sky, and it is he whom according to the yoruba mythology founded the first Yoruba city, Ife. Obatala is Olodumare’s representative on earth and the shaper of human beings.

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12 Inches

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