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  • Divine Mercy Light Jesus Ornament

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    Item No.: 14298

    Size: 5.5 Inch

    Divine Mercy means God’s love reaching down to meet the needs and overcome the miseries of His Creatures.

  • High Quality Nativity of Baby Jesus Ornament

    Item No.: B789-6| B789-8| B789-10| B789-13

    Size: 6 Inch| 8 Inch| 10 Inch| 13 Inch

    The Nativity of Jesus, also called simply The Nativity, refers to the accounts of the birth of Jesus in the gospels of Luke and Matthew, and secondarily on some apocryphal texts.

  • Holy family w. water fountain and light 71334HF


    Item No.: 71334HF

    Size: 19 Inch

    The members of the Holy Family are the patrons of the Congregation of Holy Cross. The Holy Cross Sisters are dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Holy Cross Brothers to St. Joseph, and the Priests of Holy Cross to the Sacred Heart. The Sons of the Holy Family is also a religious congregation devoted to the Holy Family.

  • LG10522 5″ 8″ 11″ Saint George Statue

    Item No. LG10522-5| LG10522-8| LG10522-11

    Size: 5.5 Inches | 8.7 Inches | 11 Inches

    Case: 36pcs/case| 12pcs/case| 8pcs/case

    Saint George (in Spanish: San Jorge) was a soldier in the Roman army who later became venerated as a Christian martyr.

  • LG16368 5.5 Inches Divine Child with Light

    Item No.: LG16368 Size: 5.5 Inch Divine Child: symbol of the soul’s fulfillment.


    Item No.: LG25B880-AB

    Size: 10 Inches

    Case: 4set/case

    Angel Decorations

  • Saint Teresa Ornament

    Item No.: 14188 E

    Size: 12 Inch

    Teresa of Los Andes, O.C.D. , also known as Saint Teresa of Jesus of Los Andes(Spanish: Teresa de Jesús de Los Andes), was a Chilean nun of the Discalced Carmelite Order who was canonized as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church.

  • ZY14928-12 Saint Patrick Ornament

    Item No.: ZY14928-12

    Size: 12.2 Inch

    Patrick means “well-born” in Latin.

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